Bushfire Recovery Committee

Last meeting we welcomed Bernie Bott from the Rotary Club of Yarrawonga Mulwala, Chair of the District 9790 Bushfire Recovery Committee.

Unlike the 2009 fires this time most damage was caused to private property rather than community assets.

The committee has endeavoured to be fair to all in its distribution of aid to farmers. Initiatives so far have included pelletised feed for livestock, which has been distributed through established businesses with client bases, and empty containers for on-farm storage. Some $25k has been committed to the containers project.

A tax-deductible account has been established for donations. This account includes approx. $7k funds that have come via RAWCS.

The committee is reluctant to report on costs of individual projects and available funds because of the risk of published figures being inaccurate or out of date. However, Bernie indicated that as a guide the District fund currently stands at about $40k.

Bernie was strongly encouraged to include more specific details of current and potential projects in future newsletters, to make it easier for Clubs to identify projects they could help with by raising new or directing existing funds. Otherwise, Clubs are likely to bypass the District and do their own projects in isolation.

Bernie also spoke about a project initiated by the RC Rosanna to provide a reliable emergency water supply to the fire brigade at Cudgewa, and another project involving the supply of air purifiers to three hospitals in Northeast Victoria.

Thanks to Bernie for giving his time and responding to some robust comments and questions on the operation of the Committee.

Please follow the link for a PDF copy of the bulletin.

RC of Ivanhoe 13 May 2020