Last week we were treated by our very own David Balshaw to a motivational talk entitled ‘Mindset and Motivation in Uncertain Times’.

David explained how he was involved in the RACV young members group for young professionals as a mentor. In this role David has shared his positive outlook on life with many younger professional men and women.

David reminded us of the story of the Larapinta Eagle. In 2003 while on a 10-month journey around Australia, David found himself on the Larapinta Trail in the Central Australian West MacDonnell Ranges. Carrying a heavy pack and faced with the choice of a shorter (but steep) climb, or longer (but flatter) route, David chose the more challenging (and potentially more highly rewarding) ‘up and over’ route. As David was approaching the peak, just around the corner but hidden, a wedge tailed eagle perched on a tree branch just as David arrived. The magnificent bird flew just over David’s head. David paused to take in views and reminded himself of experiences in life where you might find yourself straining under workload and feel like giving up. The lesson is it’s ok to stop and recharge because you may be only a few steps away from something amazing.

David has recently qualified as a Senior Habit Change Practitioner, a major shift from environmental engineering. He explained how we are all susceptible to fear and uncertainty and this can in turn impact on our habits. In the current coronavirus lockdown David advises we try to re-establish a regime of routine and reward.

How can we achieve this in our own lives?

  1. Health. Get plenty of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and if media reports are upsetting, turn them off.
  2. Mindfulness. Take time out to sit in contemplation and reflection.
  3. Mindset. Think positively, be aware, reflect, show gratitude where due.
  4. Opportunity. Take advantage of new opportunities that arise as a result of the lockdown. E.g. more reading time, online course opportunities, more time with family, time to reflect on personal goals.

Finally, David recommends we:

• maintain a daily routine, involving some exercise
• set a regular meditation time each day
• set daily goals – find the one thing that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary
• Use the 80:20 rule (Pareto Principle, 80% of the benefits come from 20% of the effort)
• Practice gratitude nightly

This week is our club forum, where you will have the chance to hear and comment on ideas for the upcoming year.

A pdf copy of the bulletin is here. RC of Ivanhoe 26 August 2020